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Equipment Planning, Program Management

Total Capital



Gresham Smith & Partners


The 44,300 square foot free standing replacement facility is located on a parcel of land that required the successful rezoning of 17 lots and the relocation of 12 residential houses. Planning for this project started in August 2007 and construction began in June 2009.

The NoliWhite Group was responsible for the conceptual planning, site re-zoning coordination, house relocation/early site development activities, Certificate of Need support, Program Management and Equipment/Furniture planning and procurement.

The new state-of-the-art cancer center provides for an integrated model of care where both the radiation and medical oncology treatments are offered in a single facility. The center includes 24 medical oncology infusion positions, 18 exam rooms, a Gamma Knife, 2 Varian Linear Accelerators, and provisions for a future 4th radiation unit.

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